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Hi! Im Jack – professional photographer & master cigar roller. After years of traversing the globe and working with clients, Cigars & Travel has become my collection of adventures, reviews and photographs collected along the way. Some of it is raw, some of it is unkind. But it’s honest and (hopefully!) motivating. My goal is for you to journey out there and make the most of your time, just as I did. Feedback is always welcome. Enjoy…


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Washington DC & The Best Taiwanese Ramen Ever!!

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Im a fan of noodles. Not just the kind you eat with Italian sauce but the type you toss a heapingly-large-portion-of into a hot, steamy broth and serve in a bowl with a bunch of veggies and maybe an egg. Noodles done Vietnamese style, yo!

What To See In Washington DC

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If you’re a runner, jogger, walker or enthusiast of any physical activity that includes long distances via self propelled modes of transportation where your feet hit the pavement… then DC is a place you just might like.

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